Wednesday, February 17, 2010


it's been a few days since i've updated. last friday for my weigh in i was supposed to be 130 and i was 131. not a huge deal. i wanna be 127 this friday and i'm 129 right now. it's going a little slower than i want it to but at least it's progress. i've been lazy about working out tho. kinda. sunday i wore heels that hurt my feet really bad and i wore them for 8 hrs of work and then i went to get a few things at wal mart afterwards and by the time i got home i could literally hardly walk. my right foot has been screwed up since then. it still hurts like fuck to walk on. i'm really pissed about it cuz i haven't ran at all this week. there's no way i could. well this afternoon i'm going over to babysit until friday night because their parents are going out of town. hopefully tomorrow and friday i can come home and run while they're at school. it's slowly getting better. hopefully it'll be fine tomorrow. hopefully i can keep myself from binging the whole time i'm there. i'm taking a bunch of my own food along so i have low calorie stuff to fill up on. my goal is to stay there as much as possible during the days and not come home. if i'm there i'm allowed to be lazy and do nothing but drink coffee all day haha. i need to be 127 by friday...

only 37 days left until florida

-b/l: coffee - 40
-d: tba


  1. i'm glad to hear it's going well and that you're losing.
    enjoy the hours while they're at school, and do things for yourself!

  2. yeah, i strained my calves and the gym has been a nightmare ever since. I miss calming my anxiety with an hour run :( take care of yourself, its much better to take a few days off then a few months from an injury! good luck little lady!!!