Thursday, February 4, 2010

day 4

so yesterday didn't exactly go quite as planned. i binged a little. more than a little. i really dont know how many calories i had total. ugh. i gave into 2 pieces of cheese pizza. i actually looked up the calories on those on the pizza place website and its freakin 260 calories a piece. ughhhhh. i had a huge glass of not so low calorie orange juice and then when i got home i had a granola bar and a can of mt. dew. yuck!

well i weighed myself this morning and i'm still 133.5. i won't beat myself up about yesterday anymore because it didn't go up. but it also means i have to somehow go down 3.5 lbs by some point tomorrow. i thought about running today even though i'm still on my period but i don't have time. i will tomorrow for sure. hopefully i'll be done with my period tomorrow too and that'll take off a few lbs.

i was supposed to babysit today but the kid ended up going to a friends house so at like 11 30 i'm going to go over and run errands for her mom and do a little cleaning around the house i guess til 2 30. then i work 3-11. i work 3-11 the rest of the weekend. i'm kind of excited because it's really easy for me to not pig out when i'm there. so 4 days in a row of nothing but coffee during the day and something super light in the evening should do me some good =) plus i drink water like a fish when i'm working lol and i definitely don't do that when i'm home.

i'll update later. not sure what my intake is gonna be yet

b: coffee - 45
l: slice of bread w/ peanut butter - 110
d: diet coke -0
TOTAL: 155/155

can't wait to run tomorrow. i should be done with my period. a little nervous about my weigh in though. i CAN'T binge tonight when i get home!!!

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  1. good luck coming home and not bingeing tonight! you can definitely do it!
    no worries about yesterday, we all have bad days.