Thursday, February 11, 2010

bored at work

wish tonight was going faster. my mom just brought me coffee from the coffee shop in town. yay. instant better mood haha. i haven't really been keeping track of my calories today. unfortunately. altho i haven't had anything terrible i guess. no real meals. when i was babysitting i had to frost a cake and i tasted the frosting haha. oops. and the kids had subs from subway and dorritos. i didn't get anything from subway but i had a few dorritos. not a lot tho. i can't even remember if i had anything else or not. i dont think so. i had quite a bit of orange juice tho. ugh. they always have really high calorie orange juice at their house and i always drink a ton. i get the trop50 stuff for myself at my house.

i got paid today. that means i gotta go grocery shopping soon. i live with my parents but i buy most of my own groceries. my mom refuses to pay for most of the things i get because she says it's too expensive. i dont really care. i don't think she should have to pay for my groceries considering i'm 21 and live there rent free haha. but it annoys me that i'm the only one in my family who eats even relatively healthy. my mom will buy the absolute worst things you can put in your body as long as its cheap. thats all she cares about when she goes grocery shopping.

both my parents are overweight. doesn't surprise me at all. i'd probably be in shock if they weren't lol. my 18 yr old brother eats like a pig but he's insanely skinny. of course. he gets the good genes haha. my 14 year old brother eats like shit too. he's a little pudgy but he's still pretty skinny. he hasn't hit his growth spurt yet so i'm sure when he stretches out a little he'll be insanely skinny too haha. not fair.

anyways, sorry for my rambling lol. i'm just so bored. i'm excited for my weigh in tomorrow. i wanted to work out but i dont think thats an option right now. i babysit 9-3 and work 3-11 again. well of course its an option but unfortunately i'm not a morning person. i wish i could force myself to get up and run at 5. its just hard when i don't usually go to sleep til like 1 at the earliest.

actually what i could do is (assuming the older 2 kids have school) bring the 1 kid to my house for a while and plop her down in front of the TV while i work out and then get ready for work lol. definitely a possibility. well idk else to ramble about so i guess i'll watch a movie on netflix or something haha. i'll update tomorrow...

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