Tuesday, February 9, 2010

day 3

i'm really happy with how everything is going. didn't binge at all yesterday. haven't binged since saturday night actually. amazing.

i decided i don't really need to post my daily distractions because things come up and i might not be able to get everything done or i might want to change one of the things on my list. i'm not going to punish myself for not finish all 50 things by the end of the week because the whole purpose of the list is to keep me distracted from binging and thats exactly what it did yesterday.

-b: egg beaters - 60
2 ritz crackers -32
coffee x2 - 90
-l: double cheeseburger - 510
-d: grilled cheese sandwhich
TOTAL: ???/???

-treadmill - 40 min - intervals
20 min - lower body workout

i gotta babysit from 9-1 today. ugh i hope to god i dont binge there. like i usually do. gonna go with my 'drink a glass of water every hour' plan to keep me full. then i'll work out after i get home. i'll update later i suppose.

another storm coming. the lady whose kids i babysit texted me just as i was leaving and said i don't have to come today because the roads are already getting bad. i'm happy lol. i'm still working on my second cup of coffee though so i'm not gonna run until a little later.

today didn't go exactly as planned. as far as my intake. my parents brought home burger king for lunch for them and my brothers. i told them before that i didn't want anything but they brought home an extra sandwhich anyways. a double cheeseburger. ugh. i was really weak and pretty hungry. i couldn't stop myself =( then my mom made grilled cheese sandwhiches for supper and i couldn't stop myself from that either. the funny thing is i'm lactose intolerant haha. (cheese is the only dairy product i have issues living without) i know there's stuff like lactaid and whatever else but even if i take that i still get super bloated and feel really shitty. fuck me. i won't be laughing soon.

my workout went well though. i did a butt workout on the treadmill and yeah i'd definitely say it kicked my butt haha. i couldn't even finish. i was gonna do a lower body workout after that but yeah. that kinda went out the window when i stepped off the treadmill and could hardly walk lol.

buuuut! i'm ok with everything that happened today because i weighed myself after my workout and it was 130. im soooo excited. considering i was 135.5 less than 5 days ago. no, i dont believe that i lost 5.5 lbs of pure fat in a few days but i also know that it wasn't all water weight because i've been drinking about 70 oz a day so i'm really excited. all i gotta do is keep this up. i wanted to be 130 by friday and since its only tuesday maybe i can get down to 129 or 128 even. if not idc. i'll be so happy with 130. and then work for 127 next week.

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  1. i'm glad this week is going so well for you! (i feel like we flipped, this week sucks for me)
    you're definitely motivating me to do better with the intake.