Monday, February 1, 2010

day 1

so i have 53 days until florida. 53 days to lose 25 lbs. it's gonna take work. of course it is. but i can do it. last night i went to the grocery store after work and stocked up on 50 calorie packs of yogurt, 50 calorie orange juice and sugar free jello haha. oh i got lettuce too.

when i was trying to figure out a plan, i thought about doing the ABC diet for as many days as i could and then coming up with something else after that. i've done the ABC diet a few times and the farthest i made it was day 13 and that was only once. the rest weren't so good lol so i decided not to do that. i think if stay under 500 cals/day and burn off 500+ in my workout i should be ok. i can easily stay around 300 in my diet and when i work out i usually burn close to 1000 or more. of course i haven't worked out in...oh over a month. probably close to 2. wow thats sad. today's workout might be tough lol. i think that for the first 2 weeks i'm gonna strictly just run and get back into that and then after that i'm gonna add weights and do some strength training too. i wanna look amazing in my new bikini but i have so much work to do. my arms are huge. my thighs touch. my stomach is almost flat but i have massive obliques. i have no idea how to get rid of them =( ive never been able too. im just gonna hope that if i lose 25 lbs some of that weight will come from them lol. my hips are so wide too =( i hate my body. i swear i look almost good from the side but from the front i look so much worse cuz my hips and obliques are so wide. fuck curves!!!

-b: coffee x2 - 80
-l: yogurt - 50
-d: sushi -490?

no work tonight so i cant get out of dinner =( bleh. altho i work every other night this week except wednesday and i might be babysitting then so go me! lol. i'll update later
have a good day everyone =)


-treadmil -515

so i just got done running and showering and omg i needed that so bad. i know, burning 515 calories is nothing but i feel so much better and it really got me motivated and wanting to start running everyday again.

so i'm getting out of supper at home tonight. yay! i'm going out for sushi with one of my friends. i really have no idea how many calories sushi has. i get spicy salmon sushi everytime i go to this one place and they dont have the nutrition facts on the restaurant website so i'm going by what it says on which is 487. i actually rounded up to 490 but yea. if thats correct, im going over my 500 calorie limit by 120 =/ i'm not too worried because i did work out and this is only the first day. when im not used to restricting for a while it's always a little hard to jump right back into it and 620 is close so whatever. maybe i'll do some crunches or something tonight before bed. well i need to go get ready to go...

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