Saturday, August 1, 2009


i'm in a good mood today. yay me =) lol. prolly cuz i did good yesterday. my total calories was 285 and my total workout was 720 cals. today my allowed intake is 400. i have 345 planned. i should be ok today. i'm babysitting at 6 tonight so that'll at least get me out of the house. i'm gonna workout before i go. today i'd like to do a little more and aim for maybe around 800 calories burned in my workout. or definitely more if i feel like it. i'm really tired tho. i woke up this morning at 5 and couldn't go back to sleep. i might end up going back to sleep in a little bit tho and workout when i wake up. i just had coffee so i couldn't work out right now anyways. i haven't weighed myself today yet but i'm really hoping for 125 or at least 126 sometime early next week. tuesday maybe. tomorrow my allowed intake is 100 so by tomorrow night i really better be below 128 (yesterday's weight) so i'll prolly weigh myself tomorrow after work. ok well i'm gonna go back to sleep i think lol. just wanted to do a quick update =)