Friday, February 5, 2010

day 5

terrible day! i dont know what happened! i binged. after doing so good yesterday too =( i didn't have time to run before work because my mom had a ton of shit for me to do. and today was my first weigh in day and i didn't weigh myself cuz i was scared =(

well the snow is coming down like crazy here. i think we're up to about 3 inches at least right now and it just started a couple hours ago. the roads are terrible. i'm at work now and i brought clothes for tonight and stuff incase i got snowed in. my mom brought me and doesn't wanna come out to get again later because of all the snow so i guess i'm stuck here tonight. which isn't terrible. i was kind of hoping i'd get snowed in because i hardly brought any food and i might not get to go home until tomorrow night after work at 11 so it'll serve me right for binging today lol. all i got is a 10 calorie cup of jello, 70 calorie cup of pudding, 50 calorie thing of yogurt, and a carton thing of chocolate soy milk so the next time i weigh myself i better be 130.

got my work schedule for next week and i'm off mon, tues, and wed. i'm really excited about it because i wanna spend at least 2 hrs each of those days working out. everytime i start losing weight after being at a standstill, the first 5 or so pounds are really easy (maybe because its water weight most likely) and then it takes a little more effort to start losing more so i'll need as much time as i can have to workout next week.

alright well i got a little work to do yet before i relax for the rest of my shift haha so i'm gonna go do that. have a good weekend everyone!

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