Wednesday, February 3, 2010

day 3

it's 10 30 and i just woke up a little bit ago. oops. well the lady whose kids i babysit just texted me and asked if i wanted to come over soon and do a long day (i'm already there from 5-10 tonight) so i guess i'm gonna go over at noon. yay 10 hours of easy money lol. can't turn that down.

can't wait til i'm done with my period. i weighed myself when i got up and i'm 133.5. bleh. at least i'm down from monday. it just makes me so mad that i was 127 a month ago. o well. i'm a little bloated of course so when my periods done hopefully it'll go down at least a pound or 2. whether i'm done with my period or not, i'm gonna run on friday. thats my weigh in for being 130 and i HAVE to make it.

i haven't really figured out my eating plan for the day. i'm gonna be gone babysitting from 12-10 so at least i'll be away from my parents so they cant force me to eat. sometimes when i babysit i just get bored and that makes me want to eat. i guess i'm gonna try to drink at least one glass of water every hour to keep me full and if i feel like i'm gonna binge, i'll chug a bunch more til i feel sick and cant' eat. i had to do that last night at work to avoid a cookie haha. it worked =D

-b: coffee - 45
-l: yogurt - 50
-d: salad -35
TOTAL: 45/130

well i need to leave in 50 minutes and i still need to shower and sort out my food to take and such so i best be on my way =D depending on how bad these kids wear me out i'll try to update when i get back tonight. have a great day everyone and stay strong!

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