Tuesday, May 25, 2010


wow, its been way too long since ive updated. ive missed reading all your blogs so much! i need to get back in here so i can stay on track with everything better. sadly, i guess this is what it takes haha. i havent really made any progress since my last update and that was almost 4 months ago! so yeah, i obviously didnt make my goal for my florida trip although i did have a lot of fun. on my very last full day there i got a really bad sunburn. ok let me rephrase...worst sunburn of my life haha. i got sun poisoning and i was sick for weeks from it. my legs are scared. thank god its really light and i think its still fading. the same day i got back, my boyfriend came to "visit" from his place in vermont and 7 weeks later, hes still here haha. hes finally moving here. 2 weekends ago him and me went up to vermont to get a bunch of his stuff to bring here. were both still in my parents house right now actually. he got a job about 1 hr and 15 min north of here and is looking for an apartment up there and im sure ill move up there soon haha. but ever since hes been here i feel like ive been eating nothing but fast food and junk everyday. i havent been keeping track of my intake. i havent been working out. i feel terrible about it. amazingly, i havent been gaining weight. ive stayed about the same. ill weigh myself tomorrow and go from there. yeah, i havent been gaining weight but ive definitely been feeling super sluggish and bloated from all the junk. summer is here and my body is so far from ready! =( im pretty determined to get back on track though. especially with my boyfriend here and him seeing me a lot more. he always tells me he loves how i look and i dont need to change but obviously we dont see the same thing. sometimes i feel like my self consciousness is ruining our relationship because he gets really annoyed by it and i dont blame him. i guess thats just more motivation for me to start getting serious again about losing weight.

well anyways, i didnt get a whole lot of sleep last night so i need to get to bed. but its definitely good to be back and im looking forward to catching up with everyone! have a good night everyone!

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