Saturday, January 30, 2010

back! =)

wow. i haven't updated in ages. well...basically 6 months. looks like i have lots of reading to catch up on in everyones blogs =)

the past few months or so my ED has been coming and going. well i suppose the control of it would be a better way to put it. my boyfriend came to visit in december on his winter break from school. he came on christmas and stayed 2 1/2 weeks. before he came i was trying so hard to get my weight down and i was down to 126 which isn't great but that's as low as i've been in a LONG time so i was pretty excited. but when he's here my control always goes out the window and we eat out so much and buy junk food and everything else terrible and i always gain weight =( when he left i was somehow back up to 135. talk about depressing! well thats the bad news. the good news is we're engaged =D i'm so excited! we didn't set a date yet but it'll most likely be next summer sometime.

well he went back and yeah i got a little depressed over that but more so probably over my weight. i haven't really done a whole lot about it yet. sadly. but on march 26 i am going to florida with my grandma for about 10 days or so. shes been planning on going for a long time and just asked me if i wanna go with her the other day and of course i said yes lol. my aunt and uncle live in daytona and they have 3 kids in jacksonville, somewhere else in florida and atlanta, georgia so we're gonna go visit them. well all of a sudden my motivation for losing weight is back. i'm trying to come up with a really good plan. im still 135 and my goal is to be 110 by march 26. so basically 25 lbs in 8 weeks. i'm pretty sure i can do it. i know i can if i stick to a good plan. i actually ordered 2 bikinis from victorias secret today both in smaller sizes than what i am so that better keep me motivated! $150 later... lol. i was thinking about how i wanna lose this weight so incredibly bad and i thought i should come back to my site here cuz posting goals/progress and reading other blogs usually helps. me.

well i might post later tonight and put my 'plan' up if i figure it out tonight.

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