Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little About Me...

my name is T. i'm 20 years old and i live in ohio, US. i've had ednos for a few years now and everyday has been a constant struggle. a few things i like to occupy my time with to keep my mind off food are painting, reading, drawing, writing, and working. i babysit 3 kids part time and then i also have a part time job at a hotel working at the front desk. i really like working at the hotel. it keeps me away from food and i work 2nd shift so i'm out of the house for dinner =D i also like listening to music, watching movies, and being with my boyfriend. it really sucks because he lives in vermont right now but i love him to death and sometimes i feel like he's the only thing i have left. at least the only good thing i have left. anyways, enough about that for now. i just started this blog as a place for me to talk about some of my struggles and vent basically. we'll see how it goes =)


  1. Welcome! You seem like an interesting girl and I am happy to follow your blog.
    So good luck and I'll be there to support you if you want to. No judging, just support!

  2. Hey! I am definitely looking forward to reading more of your blog and learning more about you. Welcome to the blog world! =)


  3. Hey! I'm new too. Nice to meet you. :)