Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i didn't sleep very good last night =( i'm pretty tired now. i babysit 9-1 and then i work at the hotel 4-9. yesterday i did so good with my food intake and then after work i was sooo hungry and i ended up binging at mcdonalds =( ive been stuck at 129 lbs for about the past week now. i really want to make it down to 125 by friday so i'm fasting today and maybe tomorrow. 14 more hours to go today lol. at least i'll be out of the house for the most part. i'll prolly come straight home from work and go to bed so i dont get tempted and ruin it lol. maybe i'll update first. i'll see how im feeling. well i'm off to go get ready to babysit. have a good day everyone! =)

oh and i have a question...is there a way to change the time it says that ive posted these? cuz its way off lol

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